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Iconic baseball caps: The Durham Bulls

It’s high time someone started rating baseball caps, and who better to do it than the guy who writes the Ball Caps Blog? I will resist the urge to present a logical progression from the low minors to the big leagues or some other clever organizational device. Instead, I’m going to hop around as inspiration strikes. In this case,  inspiration came from a friend’s Facebook status update about going to a Durham Bulls game.

The Durham ball club is an icon of its own, one of the best known teams in the history of the game. The team is as American as a Mail Pouch tobacco ad plastered on a red barn. The club is steeped in tradition. The Bulls, according to an excellent history on the team Web site, were founded in 1902 as the Durham Tobaccanists. The name was changed to Bulls in 1913. The team got a boost in 1988 when Kevin Costner and Tim Robbins (shown above) appeared in the acclaimed movie “Bull Durham.” Many fans consider it their favorite or even the best baseball movie ever. (I find it the weakest of the Costner baseball trilogy, well behind the relatively obscure “For Love of the Game” and the splendid “Field of Dreams.”)

Durham Bulls capThe Bulls’ cap is as iconic as the team. The bull charges through the center of the bold orange letter “D.” The letter is elegant, classy; the bull powerful, vital. The combination is an excellent symbol for a baseball team.

I give the Bulls cap the highest rating – five – on my caps rating system, which will be represented by clip art caps as soon as I find the right icon.