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Remembering the Milwaukee Brewers post-World Series parade of 1982

It probably was an omen. Over the weekend, I found in our garage an old cassette tape. Onto the cassette was dubbed a recording I made for The Associated Press radio network after the 1982 World Series, in which the Brewers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games.

This year, the Brewers lost to the Cards in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series. There will be no welcome-home parade for the Brewers.

Back in ’82, I recorded the audio report — a “voicer,” as we called it in the AP — in downtown Milwaukee as the Brewers rolled along Wisconsin Avenue in antique cars. It was either one or two days after the series ended on Oct. 20.

Here’s a link to the audio, in which I do a fairly good job of disguising how teeth-chatteringly cold it was, probably in the low 40s.

I recorded this report while standing in the street, ¬†microphone in hand and tape recorder slung over my shoulder. In the 30 seconds or so leading up to the cut, I have the “natural sound” of the crowd cheering. Just before this recording, you can hear a couple of people yell “Vuke” for pitcher Pete Vukovich.

At the end of the recording, there are two sign-offs: a generic one for use by radio stations, and an “AP Network News” version for use by the network.

After I made the recording, I headed back to the AP bureau to send it over a telephone line to AP’s radio network in Washington. I unscrewed the mouthpiece of the telephone and using alligator clips attached a line from the recorder into a couple of metal prongs in the handset. That was the analog way of doing things back then.

The kicker to the story is that after work, either I picked up my brother-in-law or he picked up me. I can’t remember which – but I do remember we had WBBM from Chicago on the car radio.

As the sportscast came on, to my delight and to my brother-in-law’s surprise, the announcer reported that there were World Series parades in Milwaukee and St. Louis that day — and then they played my audio.

That’s one of the high points of my career.


Revenge is sweet: Brewers defeat Cardinals in Game 1 of the NLCS

Twenty-nine years I waited for today, when the Brewers defeated St. Louis in Game One of the National League Championship Series. I’ve rued the Brewers’ Game 7 loss to the Cardinals in the 1982 World Series all this time, and it was sweet for the Brew Crew to win on a glorious fall day in Milwaukee.

Yet my enthusiasm is tempered by memories of Game 1 of the ’82 series, when the Brewers pounded out 17 hits en route to a 10-0 thrashing of the Cards. St. Louis won the series, though, and I never put too much stock in any opening series victory.

The Cardinals have plenty of firepower and good arms. I don’t see either team steamrolling the other this year, any more than what happened in the 1982 series.

A San Francisco Giants fan bids farewell to his Phillies cap

Our youngest child recently headed off to college in Philadelphia and called a week or so ago with a request: can you send me a Phillies cap?

Years ago my son had played on a Phillies team during Little League, but his cap had long since disappeared. I had been a coach and kept my cap, wearing it often, especially in the fall the last two years as the Phillies advanced to the World Series. Although not a fanatic, I count the Phillies among my second-tier allegiances, rooting for them if they advance after my teams drop out of the playoff picture.

Going to high school in central California, my son and his classmates were prohibited from wearing baseball caps on campus. With Norteno and Sureno gangs active in town, caps as well as red and blue garments were forbidden.

That’s not the case in Philadelphia, thank goodness. My son’s call for the cap came right about the time the Phillies had swept the Reds while the Giants were still trying to knock off the Braves. So I sent the cap to the City of Brotherly Love in a care package bound for my son’s dormitory, from the upper floors of which you can see Citizens Bank Ballpark a few miles away.

My son is a loyal and practical Giants fan. He will not wear the Phillies cap until the Giants-Phillies series is resolved. But once that’s history, he’ll be free to wear the Phillies cap and fit in with all the other cheesesteak-consuming, Santa-booing fans in Philly.

Phillies win in the ninth

That will teach me to turn my back on the TV during the post-season.

I completely missed the Phillies’ sensational bottom-of-the-ninth victory over the Dodgers tonight.

In the old days, I might have had to stay up for the 11 o’clock news to find out what happened. And if I didn’t do that, I’d have to wait for the paper or a morning radio broadcast.

Tonight? One quick check of mlb.com and I’m up to speed. And I got to watch the winning hit on video.

I wonder if my great-grandparents had the same sense of wonder in turning on a light bulb after sunset.