This is a scattered, cumulative account of my travels, by decade, by state, province and country, in rough order of first visits to each.


Ohio, Pennsylvania


West Virginia; Ontario, Canada; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Virginia

(Baseball: Cleveland Municipal Stadium)


Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Delaware, Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas

(Baseball: Fenway Park, Milwaukee County Stadium)


Nebraska, Colorado, Indiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and British Columbia, Canada

(Baseball: Wrigley Field, The Kingdome)


Alaska, California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii

(Baseball: Candlestick Park, Oakland Coliseum, The Big A/Edison Field, Jacobs Field)


Quebec and Alberta, Canada; Baja California, Mexico; Singapore; Bali, Indonesia

(Baseball: Yankee Stadium, Skydome, Shea Stadium, Busch Stadium, AT&T Park)


(Baseball: Kauffman Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, Citi Field)

Shanghai, China; Paris, France


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